Emotional Resilience

In this 12-module program, you will develop empowering life skills to embrace change by building greater self-awareness, cultivating a positive mindset to strengthen emotional resilience, and improve overall performance.

Why take this program?

While changes can be hard, they are an inevitable part of life. How you respond to the unexpected can have a life-changing impact on your overall happiness, wellbeing, performance and productivity.
Constantly changing circumstances can take a significant toll on a person’s emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. In fact, recent studies have linked the perception of having little control in times of change to increased rates of work-related stress, anxiety, depression, hypertension and more.  

Learning how to manage challenges, whether small or large, with greater balance and ease is critical for success. We can help you hone your abilities to transform obstacles into opportunities, and move forward with hope and optimism.  

In your Emotional Resilience journey, you will develop the tools to embrace change by building greater self-awareness and feel empowered to ACT:  
  • Acknowledge your thoughts, emotions and inner stories;
  • Cultivate an effective response to difficult situations; and
  • Thrive through change by creating a more optimistic mindset.
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 Learn Through Storytelling

Follow Anisha on her journey as she explores emotional resilience in work and life.
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Accessible Curriculum

Explore 12 modules in a series of bite-sized explainer videos and content.
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 Delve deeper in your personal  journaling prompts and on your team discussion boards.
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Get access to downloadable reference guides, and our curated library of resources.

Who is this program for?


who want to develop essential skills to emotionally prepare for volatility and uncertainty. This course will train your organizational leaders to improve their emotional balance and well-being to better support and empower their direct reports and teams.


who seek to build greater connection, develop stronger rapport, and create a greater sense of psychological safety. By going through this course together, your team will be more motivated, effective, and able to find creative solutions to challenges.  


who want to create greater self-awareness, find emotional balance, and learn to transition and thrive through change. This course will support your mental and emotional resilience for a life of greater ease, adaptability and wellbeing. 

What you'll learn:

In addition to understanding what resilience is and isn't, this course will teach you about the following concepts:

1. Self-Awareness

understand your emotional triggers, and become aware of the link between your feelings and thoughts. 

4. Integration

explore how a growth and positive mindset can help you navigate change more effectively. 

2. Getting Unstuck

manage your fear and anxiety and empower yourself to move forward. 

5. Thriving in motion

build the foundation for greater balance and transformation.

3. Finding meaning

learn how to understand your inner stories and explore new perspectives.
Meet YOUR instructorS


Our highly qualified coaches combine corporate backgrounds with extensive experience in training and leadership development to empower individuals and organizations to maximize their performance and overall wellbeing.

Punita Gandhi

Course Author
Punita is an Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach with over 20 years of Strategy Consulting experience across the USA and Asia. Her area of expertise is partnering with and supporting leaders on articulating a purpose-driven strategy to shift their perspective from surviving to thriving in measurable, well-designed, and tangible ways that clearly demonstrate impact. 

Ann Petry

Course Author
Ann is an Emotional Intelligence (EI) Certified Coach who helps leaders and teams develop a high impact growth mindset. A former faculty member of Daniel Goleman's EI program, Ann helps clients reimagine operating strategies that harness diverse thinking and whole person engagement to manage disruptive forces impacting industry and business models.

Kully Jaswal

Course Coordinator 
Kully is an experienced Executive Coach and founder of Ignition Coaching LLC. She brings over 15 years of corporate experience and has helped individuals and teams maximize their drive, resilience and performance. She is a certified teacher with Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) and a Meta Coach for Goleman EI.
The following Ignition coaches have contributed to the course development for this program.

Samantha Mathis

Course and Audio Contributor
Samantha’s passion is working with global, multi-cultural teams in complex and challenging environments, to build capability and behaviors to drive organizational performance. She is currently completing a Doctorate exploring the value of online learning communities on leadership capabilities. 

Suzanne Silver

Course and Audio Contributor
Suzanne has over 30 years of experience working in the UK and Asia specializing in people development and behavioral change. She is passionate about supporting individuals to maximize their performance at both a personal and professional level, so they can achieve greater success in the workplace, as well as in life.

Matthew Taylor

Audio Contributor
Matthew brings 14 years of experience designing and facilitating adaptive leadership coaching and professional development grounded in Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Theory. This work includes coach training for senior leaders as well as direct coaching of leaders across the leadership pipeline. 

Course Lessons

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