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Resilience: Navigating Uncertainty with WAVE™

90 minute program to navigate uncertainty, stress, and change by building resilience with the WAVE™ model.
Navigate uncertainty through change.

What You'll Learn

Manage stress, transitions & build resilience

Learn, practice, and reflect on the four WAVE™  dimensions to build your mental, physical, and emotional resources to navigate the uncertainty and stress that comes with any change — big or small, desired or not.


The Ignition WAVE™ Model for Resilience prepares you to navigate transitions with greater clarity and foresight.


Begin your resilience journey by establishing a daily meditation practice. Each module includes a moment to pause. 


Deepen your learning by taking a moment to reflect about your resilience journey.


Develop the skills for long-term resilience to better navigate stress and unexpected change.

WAVE™ Model for Resilience

The course is framed around the four dimensions of WAVE™: 


Explores the work of mindset and attentional control.


Leverages your strengths, skills, and values with your goals.


Enhances your physical, mental, and emotional, resources


Builds your empathy, compassion, and trust.

Meet the instructors

Kully Jaswal
Ignition Coaching, CEO/Founder
Kully is an experienced Executive Coach and founder of Ignition Coaching LLC. She brings over 15 years of corporate experience and has helped individuals and teams maximize their drive, resilience and performance. She is a certified teacher with Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and a Meta Coach for Goleman EI.
Belinda Chiu, Ed.D
Ignition Coaching, Chief Learning Officer
Belinda brings 20+ years of experience in leadership development and training; executive coaching; public diplomacy, higher education, and consulting to serve as a catalyst for leaders of so that they may be of greatest service to others. She is also certified with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and Goleman EI.
Michelle Maldonado
Founder & CEO of Lucenscia
Michelle is an internationally certified mindfulness and emotional intelligence teacher, including the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and Goleman EI. She is also a practitioner committed to developing conscious leaders and teams with net positive impact. She is passionate about lifelong learning and equal access for all.

Course Lessons